Mr. Stack created system generating technologies, including one capable of generating itself. Patented under his name, is an innovative mechanism for creating software and user documentation in under 2% of the time it would take the fastest technologies available. The patents are granted and recognized in countries around the globe. He has built companies from the ground up including one he took public and another that was venture funded after securing industry luminaries as clients.

As of late he has headed the team that created a new way to do enterprise and community system integration.

Successfully demonstrated inventions to multinational companies (i.e.Beckman / Coulter) and investors. Applications developed by this new technology are employed in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Suggested packaging and functionality of product for Western Europe, plus the handling of different modality for the United Kingdom.

Developed staff, built and trained team in new design and programming methodology. Negotiated leases for facilities and purchases of systems equipment. Created support systems and methodology department which became a significant profit center for the company.

Analyzed, designed and built a new hand-held, wireless Internet appliance which is eligible for a patent. Intimately acquainted with the Internet designing, building Application Service Providers (ASP) and embedded systems.

Professional speaker, accepting invitations from professional groups along the eastern seaboard. Raised seven million dollars for a private company and was principally involved in a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO.)

Performed and managed each step in software products’ life cycle from market requirements/competitive research through the design. Wrote document and release processes, product roll out and sales support to implementation and product support. Directed operational audits through the requirements/ functional specification processes, system design, and software development and deployment.

Conversant with Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS), which he has translated into design requirements and system design (Business Processes Models), as well as using embedded systems.

Produced preparatory documentation that was successfully used by sales forces. Brought software products to market – starting from an idea all the way through to COMDEX. Created a functional Software Development Division in a hardware company and succeeded competitively in the market place.

Miami-Dade College, Attended, and completed, a program in Harvard Extension in Commercial Business Systems, which covered all aspects of Application Provider Model.

Married with 2 Children.