A controlled experiment demonstrating 0% data loss when connected databases randomly change was successfully completed at one of the largest hospitals in the world.

All comparison access experienced 100% data loss when encountering errors due to random database schema changes. Unityware's unification server detected all of the problems, Participants were notified of the encountered problem in real-time, recommendation for repair was included in the notification, the actual repair was carried out automatically and recorded in a system audit.

Sam Chaffin has joined Unityware to lead the company into the future. Sam brings a host of experience and skill to the table. Welcome Sam!

Unityware scores 97.2% on US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) usability study for healthcare systems. The company’s technology ranked with a combined rating across all tested aspects of the Unityware system, well above the accepted norm. Not just compared to other technologies but as a stand-alone result for the testing. The results from the System Usabil ...

Unityware’s portable orchestrator is certified for ONC stage II for independent operation. The app which is available on most tablets and smartphones, can be used on it’s own without having to run audit risks which may become associated with “extended” apps.

See ONC Certification page for pricing transparency and certification statement.

Another new set of patents just filed. This is the most aggressive and comprehensive protection for the things that make Unityware unique.